and its 2010..

.. blogging again...oh not again...I just come up with the idea to write something when I read a friend blog, more over, my highschool buddy's Q suddenly urging me to write a post.

my last post was 20080918
and right now, it was 20100306.

thats why I give this post title of : and its 2010..

It was 534 days from my last post to today.
Or 1 year, 5 months, 16 days excluding the day of my last post. ( or alternatively 46,137,600 seconds
768,960 minutes
12,816 hours
76 weeks (rounded down))

So many thingss...many things happen..its a lesson of life. Happiness, sadness, that really almost make half of the adult and step to maturedness, thought I got during these time. Thank God, I am still bless with all the things I have now, and maybe will have to let go some..so that I don't lose the other thing that really valuable to my journey of life.

I began to understand the meaning of life..love, destiny, faith and people are just weak and we do need faith to keep us STRONG.

Whenever I feel down, now I hold to my faith, people really change and sometime if we do sin, that sin will lead us to be fond of our faith and with God will and our own will, we will be the new good person.

I am reading the La Tahzan book now ( Don't Be Sad) and it really GOOD.


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